Doula Testimonials

Sally was our doula for the birth of our second child.  There were several reasons why my husband and I decided to use a doula this time around.  Firstly, I had a long labour which ended in an emergency c-section, which resulted in me feeling quite traumatised by my experience.  Lots of decisions were being made, I felt like things were just being done to me, we didn't feel that informed and in the heat of the moment, we didn't ask questions.  Secondly, we realised that not only did I need support during the labour and birth, but my husband did too.  Thirdly, I wanted to try to have a home VBAC and felt that having a doula with me would increase my chances of being successful in this. S ally was an invaluable support to me and my husband in the labour and the birth of our second son. She helped with practical things (like filling the pool, wiping my face with a cold flannel, timing contractions, etc.) but also allowed my husband to get on with the practical things (as she recognised that is where he felt most helpful!) and provided me with much needed verbal encouragement and emotional support, as well as practical advice on positioning, when to call the midwives, etc.  In the end, I had a successful VBAC (very, very nearly at home but not quite!) and think that having Sally with me and my husband during the labour really contributed to this.  I am so pleased with how the birth went this time.  Sally was helpful, supportive, friendly, respectful, informative and gentle.  I would highly recommend the use of a doula during labour and birth, and will be recommending Sally as a doula to my friends.

(LM, 2nd time mum, Brighton - birth doula)


Having Sally at our home birth was such a special experience.  She provided excellent support for both me and N, great ideas to help things along and we always knew that she was there if we needed her before the birth and afterwards.  We believe that having Sally with us throughout our labour and entire birth experience helped us to achieve the wonderful home birth that we desired.  She helped to keep us calm, focused and it was great having a friendly face there too! Thank you so much Sally!!!

(KS, 1st time mum, Lewes - birth doula)


Working with Sally during my pregnancy was so reassuring in preparing for the birth of my baby.  Being able to talk through any anxieties with Sally helped me to feel safe and secure about the delivery of my baby, as Sally always offered a calm, confident and caring response to any concerns.  She helped me to trust my body, baby and the birth process. During my home-birth Sally was an amazing support, as soon as she arrived I felt in safe hands.  My baby boy Ivor was born just a few hours later, safely at home, and I don’t think I could have done it without Sally by my side!

(GM, 1st time mum, Hove - birth doula)


I am a mother of two, my first birth was the worst experience of my life.  I was very scared for my second one, so I met Sally, she made me feel very confident since the first meeting.  Also I was 10 days late, but every pain I felt I used to call her and she was always there for me.  When my contractions started she came to my home and stayed with me teaching lots of things to ease the pain.  I wanted an epidural, but things were so quick that I did it without it.  I wouldn't have made it without Sally, she was the best thing that happen to me.  She held my hand and she gave me strength, and to my husband too.  We were blessed having Sally with us.  And I also had the placenta encapsulation.  It was amazing I did not have any depression and I had so much energy to take care of the baby and my toddler, and I did not lose my hair.  Thank you Sally you are amazing.

(AT, 2nd time mum, Seaford - birth doula)


Sally is intuitive about babies and mothers alike.  I was fortunate enough to have her as my doula for my third child and she has made the whole experience so very pleasant for me.  Sally has a knack of knowing when to "push" you and when to just “be there”.  I always felt utterly in control, but yet utterly supported – I am sad that our time together is over.  I would recommend Sally wholeheartedly.

(HC, 3rd time mum, Brighton - postnatal doula)


Sally was an absolutely amazing support to myself and my hubby.  During a difficult two day labour she kept us sane, by reassuring us everything was normal; by being extremely patient, kind, calm and never complaining.  I can honesty say without her our gorgeous son may not have made it.  He was posterior and in the end had to be delivered by a very scary emergency c-section.  Without Sally's dedication and continued support I think the experience would have put us both off ever having another baby again, but she made the situation easier by her unfaltering support.  I cannot recommend Sally highly enough as a Doula.  She is worth every penny and more."

(CP, 1st time mum, Portslade - birth doula)


Sally was a fabulous support for my husband and I during my labour.  As apprehensive parents-to-be, with family a long way away, it was great to know that we had someone with experience on hand to reassure us during each stage of labour.  From giving me positive encouragement and keeping me moving, to being someone for my husband to chat to during the long hours of waiting, we couldn't have done it without her.  I knew that no matter where the midwives were or what they were doing, Sally was concentrating on me constantly and would be with me to the end.  When our beautiful Charlie arrived, Sally then guided me through encouraging him to breastfeed, which he did within about 15 mins of being born.
It was the most amazing experience of my life, and I wouldn't change a single thing.  I would certainly recommend Sally as a wonderful doula whose calm and positive personality make her perfect for what must be one of the most privileged jobs in the world.

(CP, 1st time mum, Brighton - birth doula)


I knew from our first chat and meeting that Sally was a strong, kind and knowledgeable woman and as we planned a home water birth, we decided we needed the additional reassurance of a Doula like her.  So on the day the contractions began, my husband made the call.  And from the moment Sally walked in, my husband and I became more calm and relaxed.  My labour was long and tiring, but Sally did not falter, she remained focused and encouraging and for every hour that passed I felt relieved to know she was there.  Our baby girl was born at sunrise on July 18th, 2010 and we are so happy to have her in our lives.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sally to anyone!!  She made the whole birthing experience more wonderful.  Thank you Sally.

(PS, 1st time mum, Brighton - birth doula)


Sally helped me with my 2 year old daughter and newborn baby girl when my husband was away.  I honestly don't know what I'd have done without her.  Sally is not only incredibly caring and competent, but brilliant fun, full of energy and very positive.  My 2 year old still asks me when Sally's coming round.

(JR, 2nd time mum, Brighton - postnatal doula)


Sally was a wonderful support from our first meeting through the birth and beyond of our son.  She has a unique ability to be able to tune into what you need at the given time without asking.  She is passionate about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding and has a wealth of knowledge that I was able to draw on which ensured I had the positive birth and breastfeeding experience I was hoping for.

(CC, 1st time mum, Hove - birth doula)


Sally was a great person to have by our side at the birth of our daughter. I felt calm and relaxed with her there and confident that she knew what was important to me.  It was a VBAC birth and I received plenty of information on this in our meetings prior to the birth and I felt reassured and fully supported throughout.  Sally is genuine and caring, easy to be with and has a professional manner.  I highly recommend her as a doula.

(LA, VBAC mum, Brighton - birth doula)


After the initial shock of finding out I was having twins, I was excited but also anxious that I would not be able to give them the attention they needed and also care for my 3 year old boy.  Sally helped me enormously from the early days after birth making the transition from being mother of one to three, much smoother, less stressful and enjoyable.  She gave advice and support when it was required and was a crucial extra pair of hands but also encouraged me to have the odd (well needed!) break and gave me the confidence to cope on my own with all three children at once.  We miss her dearly.  The whole experience was a positive and happy one and I couldn’t recommend her strongly enough

(SE, 2nd time mum of twins, Brighton - postnatal doula)


As a single mum, I was nervous about my labour.  Sally was amazing before during and after my labour and without her I don't think that I would've had the confidence to give birth at home.  Sally bought both humour and calm to my labour and was very reassuring throughout.  My son was born drug and intervention free, as Sally gave me the confidence to do it.  Immediately after his birth, Sally being at my house was great too as the pool was packed away and cleaned down so quickly and she makes a great cup of tea!  A Doula fairy!  I will never forget her as she enabled me to have the most amazing birth experience a woman can hope for and she gave me so much confidence that I was capable of having a natural birth experience.  I am so proud of my son and the way that he came into this world is something that no one can ever take away from me.  Sally made that so.

(JT, 1st time mum, Brighton - birth doula)


I would recommend Sally to anyone interested in having a doula.  As a birth doula Sally was there for support and advice as well as humour!  I felt listened to and feel my needs were met and my planned C-section was a personal experience due to this.  Postnatally I wanted Sally until my baby turned 18.  As a first time mum I feel Sally gave me the confidence to go with my instinct.  From feeding and bonding to looking after me Sally was a fantastic support and I am glad and grateful she was there to share my son's first months with us.

(SL, 1st time mum, Hove - birth & postnatal doula)


Sally supported me through the first weeks of intense emotional and physical closeness with my new born daughter.  I struggled with breastfeeding but she guided me with practical advice as well as helping me recognise my strengths as a new mother.  Sally is genuinely passionate about her role as a doula and works with a gentle professionalism and reassuring warmth.  And she also makes a bloody good lasagne!

(ET, 1st time mum, Southwick - postnatal doula)


Sally is a brilliant and understanding Doula and helped me in the early days with my 4 year old and my new Daughter.  I was given some well deserved rest and lots of ongoing advice.  I would recommend Sally to any new mum or mum to be.

(Ms KT, Thakeham)


Sally has a great gift for understanding peoples' needs, making them feel at ease and encouraging them to have confidence in themselves and their own abilities.  I cannot think of anybody I would like to have with me more at a vitally important time in my life.  She is calming, compassionate and competent as well as being great fun!  She will support someone through a pregnancy from start to finish giving her strength and support throughout.

(Camille dK)


I have known Sally for many years in a business environment, and despite having a very high profile and successful career, her main priority was always to support, train and encourage her team to grow and progress.  She was always very professional, but also warm/supportive, and very loyal to her friends and colleagues, having supported a number of them through very difficult times.  For someone who is so well organised and dynamic, she is extremely caring and gave massive encouragement to anyone who needed her time and energy.  We miss her tremendously and anyone who counts her as a friend is a very lucky person.

(Gill M)


Sally was my manager for over 9 years and over that time she really helped me, both professionally and personally.  She is extremely supportive, a clear communicator and is certainly someone I would love to have around me if I was having a baby.  I think she would be able to offer both emotional and practical support to anyone going through pregnancy and childbirth.

(Amber B)