Sally Cropper: Birth & postnatal doula and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist in East & West Sussex UK.  Member of Doula UK, Nurturing Birth and IPEN (Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network). 

My name is Sally Cropper and I am the mother of one gorgeous, beautiful daughter, born 1997 in water at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.  I was fortunate enough to have my mother and sister with me throughout my labour and birth and as a result, I now fully understand and appreciate the positive impact of having the uninterrupted support of trusted women with me at this precious and wondrous time.

I moved to Brighton from London in 1995 and love the sense of freedom and space that living by the sea provides.

Before becoming a doula I worked for Europe’s biggest B2B media company as sales director for one of their market leading products.  A complete change of direction on the surface, however underlying is my absolute passion for working closely with people, building and maintaining a positive and nurturing environment and above all encouraging them to have total belief in their own ability.  Coupled with my love for children and a fascination for the wonder of pregnancy, labour and childbirth, what better way to channel this passion than supporting mothers through this most precious journey.

For me, motherhood is the ultimate accolade to be embraced and enjoyed to the full.  I believe that women are beautifully and perfectly formed to give birth and that babies are beautifully and perfectly formed to be delivered, however I also understand that circumstances, beliefs or personal desires can deviate from a more natural birth route.  As your doula I would unquestioningly support you in whatever direction your journey takes you, whole-heartedly support you in any decisions you make and provide you with non-judgmental, comprehensive information in order for you to make informed decisions. 

I was lucky enough to train as a birth and postnatal doula with Nurturing Birth and am registered with both Nurturing Birth and Doula UK, the main doula association in the UK.  I am a certified breastfeeding peer supporter, very active in the local area supporting breastfeeding mothers.  I am also a fully trained placenta encapsulation specialist with IPEN and a founder member of the Placenta Remedies Network

I am confident supporting births with or without partners at your home, in hospital or at a birthing centre.  I can fully support you in your choice of birth and am confident in supporting VBACs (vaginal birth after caesarean).  Whether you aim for a natural or more medicalised experience, spontaneous or induced labour, I will be able to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions.  Likewise postnatally, whether you opt for breast or bottle, disposable or washable nappies, follow routines or go with the flow, I will unquestioningly support you.  You lead the way and I provide guidance and support.

I am currently the only doula and placenta specialist associated with The Tree of Life Centre in Hove.

By nature I am calm, capable, friendly, knowledgeable, positive, supportive, encouraging and loyal.  I love meeting new people and tend to settle in with them very quickly.  Labour, birth and early parenthood can be deeply emotional and spiritual experiences for both parents and to be invited to support you in your journey would be an absolute honour for me.